Heel'D By She'Meka Ann classes are geared towards all levels of dancers. The purpose is to heal, unify, and liberate not only women but all individuals from self-doubt while empowering and building confidence in all aspects of life. These classes are here to heal and push away any energy that's holding you back, while learning proper heel technique, becoming one with your body, building self-worth and confidence all through dance and motivational speaking. 

"I am here to dance for me and the ONLY competition I see, is the reflection of me."

Upcoming Classes

HEEL’D FRIDAY by She'Meka Ann
Fri, Oct 30
2093 Faulkner Rd NE
Oct 30, 9:00 PM – Oct 31, 10:30 PM
2093 Faulkner Rd NE, 2093 Faulkner Rd NE, Atlanta, GA 30324, USA
ALL TICKETS ARE FINAL SALE New class ALERT! Similar to Beg/Int-Adv Tuesday Heels class with a DEEPER understanding of heel technique, flexibility, choreography, and confidence! Its time to train, don't miss it!
HEEL'D Beginners by She'Meka Ann
Sun, Nov 01
Xcel Studios
Nov 01, 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM
Xcel Studios, 2093 Faulkner Rd NE, Atlanta, GA 30324, USA
ALL TICKETS ARE FINAL SALE This class is approximately 1 hr 30 mins long. During this time slot you will experience a fun, energetic, and motivating time catered to beginners and individuals looking to seek fundamental training.

Okay, so I hope this doesn't make you cry because it's not my intent but I'm just going through all the videos from your class keep going over and over watching myself and I'm just so happy. She'Meka I was depressed, I was lost, I didn't want to be here, I was just going through life. You have helped me realize that I can do this and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I'm still struggling mentally but i'M NOT where I was a month ago. God doesn't make mistakes when people enter your life whether good or bad but you ma'am are a blessing and I hope you understand that your purpose here on earth is bigger than you. Thank you so much. 

"LET'S GO TATI!" That's all you heard all night, was women supporting women! Everyone was cheering each other on and screaming each-others names! Such an amazing night in She'Meka's Heel'd class yesterday. I truly admire She'meka! She builds confidence in every kind of woman like no other! "You are your only competition!" She teaches technique, posture, and of course feeling confident and sexy in your own skin!!! Everyone just danced and didn't' care about getting chosen for a group! Get into her Y'all!!!!! I loved it!!! Such a release. I'll be back!! Plus, I got to dance next to my slay bae @Kim.miquel

WOW, She'Meka does it AGAIN!! Y'allI just love her and her class. Literally, I have become so much more confident in my dancing and I've seen so much growth in myself since coming to her classes. The one thing you always tell me Shemeka is to just be consistent and every week I see myself accomplishing that more and more and for that, I want to say Thank You, and of course, I can't forget the SQUAD dancing with me. I really love y'all and yall have become my friends and Y'all push me to be better. I love the work we've all been putting in, shout out to Theo Dawkins for always catching and editing the heat in class.